Our Vision

"To be the preferred provider of anaesthesia and post anaesthesia education to nurses and healthcare professionals across the world."

Our Story

OMNI Anaesthesia Education was established in 2019, out of a desire to provide anaesthesia education to medical and non-medical personnel who work in environments where anaesthesia is delivered and includes anaesthesia and post anaesthesia practice domains. We believe in the delivery of education that aligns with professional standards, is evidence based and is accessible. We promote and advocate expertise in anaesthesia education for perianaesthesia practice. 

OMNI means 'all things' and is why the term was applied to our business name 'OMNI' Anaesthesia Education. This highlights and illustrates our philosophy to encompass 'all things' anaesthesia and post anaesthesia education and it also supports our goal to provide expertise in anaesthesia and post anaesthesia education.

The Faculty


Dr. Vera Meeusen

Fiona DPNTC Bio Picture 1 2

Fiona Newman

Andre van Zundert

Prof. Andre Van Zundert